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Our main product AIM is available in two different flavours:

1. CRM system for SMBs, organisations, trading and any other association.
  • Manage and maintain your contacts, members, and leads as well as contacts in political and business associations
  • Manage your online and offline communication
  • Send personalized mails to your contacts
  • Structure your events, fairs, panels, and conferences
  • Support for your events for all the invitees, attendance list or place cards
  • Create conferences with panels
  • Provide your contacts the with an online registration form for any event
  • Export your data if required into XML or XLS
  • Manage the memberships in your association and process the payments with the help of the SEPA (europe only)
  • Manage your fair visits by exhibitors and visitors
    2. CRM and ERP system for SMBs
    • Manage the processing of your orders (call for proposals, bids, orders, deliveries, open positions, reminders)
    • Use the accounting module with features for inventory management and assembly
    • Manage your bids and stock list efficiently and multi-lingual
    • Send personalized form mails to your contacts
    • Run reports on price history, price breaks, focus group pricing on your stock list
    • Report on your sales activities (win, loss, leads) and gain a demand forecast
    • Manage your customers, providers, focus groups as well as your stock list and documents
    • We support your quality management with extensive reporting (e.g. repairs, complaints, support questions)
    • The after sales module will enable you to support your clients after winning the business
    • Integrate your manufactoring process, inventory control and resource planing into your business with our software